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AdMate is true mate of Advertising Media Management companies. Advertising Media Management companies deals with variety of Advertising Property. They are Out-Door Hoardings, Light Kiosk, Branding and Promotions in Malls, Multiplexes, Super Stores & etc. They have to deal with conventional media like news paper ad to new generation lighting Display.

The Adverting field is full of creativity and innovations and things changed rapidly in it. So, that has arise the need of single point solution which will be able to provide the flexibility to absorb such changes and of course must be able to cop-up complex Indian Accounting Practices. A wonder called AdMate does this in style. It not only covers Advertising Property management but also able to produce individual property wise profitability. And yet, Books of Accounts are easily maintained in it. There are varieties of features in AdMate but some of the key features are as below.

Key Features are :

  • Property Explorer: It allows, managing photographs of Property Item and Media Item within Property.
  • Property Watch List: This screen shows available property and also given property termination reminder. Even it shows not executed property and not vacated property.
  • PPT Generation: This is mother of all features. AdMate is equipped to create Power-point Presentation for selected property and media item.
  • Books of Account: AdMate includes cash book, bank book, JV register, Purchase register, Sales register, Profit & Loss Account and Balance sheet. It also includes statuary requirements like TDS and Service tax.

Tools/technologies used : PB 8, MySQL
OS used : Windows 2000 and above


D2O refers to Data to Output. D2O imports data from various types of data files and allow user to design output format to print the report. It not only prints the report but also allow user to generate PDF and ASCII file of report. D2O also understands command line arguments, which makes it portable and can be called from bat files.

Key Features are:

  • Data Import wizard: Imports data from various types of file (Fixed Length, Delimited, XLS and XML) into database considering format and filter, if any. Also generated import log and error log.
  • Query Database: To query imported data. Query result set is displayed in Grid format.
  • Report Designer: This reporting tool is equipped with most of reporting objects, e.g. function builder, columns, text, image, line and etc., to meet cutting edge reporting requirements. Display format, filter the result set and Drag & drop of object makes it yet powerful.

Tools/technologies used  : VB .Net, Datawindow .Net, MySQL
OS used : Windows XP

Report Design Area :
Report Data Preview :
IPO Mate

This product facilitates Initial Public Offer (IPO) bidding for Indian share stock. Important part of this product is IPO application form printing along with Report Adjustment utility. Report adjustment utility allow user to handle differences in format of various stock.

Key Features are:

  • IPO Form Printing 
  • Stock wise total application report
  • Group wise total application report
  • Period wise total application report.
Tools/technologies used : PB 8, MS Access
OS used : Windows XP
Eazy Biz

This multi user accounting package meets Indian accounting and taxation requirements. System is designed for small-medium size organization mainly a process industry. But yet it provides various functionalities like data export and import for multi-location, User rights, Voucher Approval and etc. There are varieties of reports in application, which includes Final Account Reports (P & L and Balance Sheet); General Ledger; Daily Books (Cash book, Bank Book and JV Book etc.) and Registers (Sales and Purchase).

Tools/technologies used : PB 8, MySQL
OS used : Windows 2000


This product meets requirement of retail counter (small Shops) of Paint and Wood industries. This product is extension of Easy Biz, an accounting package. It includes all the features Easy Biz and also meets the typical requirements of industry. Key feature of this product is: two dimensional inventory management system. Typical Indian plywood & laminate industries deals two SKU. One is for legal purpose and another for layman terminology.

Tools/technologies used : PB 8, MySQL
OS used  : Windows 2000 and above

New Releases
Tile Viewer: Biz Informatics will release beta version of Tile Viewer on the eve of Independence day of India.
Future Projects
Biz Informatics has started feasibility study to add one more product in “Mate” series.
Price Slash
ColorPLY + 200 hrs Implementation @ just Rs. 15,000/-
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